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Already Ancient Aotearoa

”  He mea anō te wairua, i takea mai i te pō. Kia whai kōroria ai tātou ki te ingoa tapu o te kaihanga nāna tātou katoa.

We are connected by our very nature.

Kindred spirits on this broad path.

Tied to a universal  yet universally paradoxical truth. 

We, like this stone are Already Ancient. We represent more.”

 Already Ancient Aotearoa’s art represents a voice to communicate thoughts and feelings that are too big to say in words. Our aim is to express the mana (intrinsic value) we see in the Earth and her people through whakataukī, pūrākau and pakiwaitara (Māori proverb, myth and legend) as taught to us.

We strive to capture and enhance the natural beauty of our materials. From the beginning we are aware that our materials are valuable and have a mauri (life force). We are aware that our work will become a taonga (a deeply meaningful and unique object of value and sentiment) to somebody else. As we carve new life into old stones and bones we hope to keep alive the memories we have of our adopted kaumatua (elders) through the practice of koha and creating artefacts of care and consideration. Hours of working and re-working are required for each piece.

“The power of the gift lays with the spirit in which it is given. The power of the gift is that it carries a tangible story. A story of connection, a gesture of consideration, an invitation for reciprocity  and connection. This is  gifting known as koha.

 Already Ancient Aotearoa use Pakiwaitara and Whakaaro Māori (Māori language and stories) to revisit the of deeds of heroic ancestors of Aotearoa who created new connections, new ideas and new ages. The stories we choose are not tribally exclusive and serve as examples of heroes, gods and events that are spoken of in other indigenous cultural stories. We believe that through these stories we learn more about ourselves, where we are from and how we interact through our human experience. 

 “Already Ancient Aotearoa designs are original interpretations of old concepts portrayed through myth and legend, temples and ruins, signs and symbols. Our gifts speak of the movements of the earth, her people and the elements that bind them for we are these very things.”

 Already Ancient Aotearoa express our interpretations of universally ancient forms through a uniquely Aotearoa New Zealand perspective. We explore and express who we are as members of a new wave of Aotearoa New Zealand using Te Reo Māori freely to express what modern English has forgotten. 

Our belief that there is a stone that resonates with every body and soul is conveyed through our hand picked selection of breathtakingly beautiful stones or interesting and ancient bones. Our careful thought and attention ensure that no two pieces are the same. Each of our pieces are unique and organic in their conception. Each piece has a personality. We polish each piece by hand.

On purchase of any of our products, that product’s listing shall remain on our site as a record of the stone that you can revisit and share with others.

Our photos and videos are accurate depictions of colour. All display photos are shot with light behind the piece, whilst videos show light directed at the piece.

Our materials have been personally selected, given or found from authentic legal and ethical sources around New Zealand and the world and comprise a collection of some 20 years. All our products are made by hand in Aotearoa.

Our Whale bone is registered with the New Zealand Department of Conservation and will only be sold in New Zealand. A registration processing fee of $300.00 is built into each whale bone. Whale bone can be purchased by commission only.

We have a small amount of Moa bone has been found on private farms, is legal and unprotected under New Zealand Law.

Private viewing is welcome on enquiry. All work to create Already Ancient Aotearoa, has been by Jeromy van Riel, Pip O’Connell and their family.  We give thanks and acknowledgement to 360New Zealand ltd, Authentic As Photography, Seth Heron for their contributions, support and friendship..

  Jade from outside of Aotearoa New Zealand will not be identified as Jade. Photographs and stories will remain on this site after sale in the commissions page. Already Ancient Aotearoa Prices are inclusive of GST. All string work is guaranteed for one year.