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Ki Taiwhenua- Into oceans of land 2.

NZD $950

With a small amount of translucent stone in a large rock, we explored a new realm of possibility. To explore where others wouldn’t and to honour the parts of the stone commonly over looked. We were delighted to cut inside this stone and find a picture of home. Minimalistic carving allows this beautiful piece to tell its own full story of our mountains and lakes.

Already Ancient Aotearoa hand make all their stones in Aotearoa NZ. No two stones are the same!

The great navigator Tamatea used the phrase "Tārere ki uta tārere ki tai" when he lead his people explore the land. His words inspired a philosophy of interconnectivity using the simple knowledge that what is left in the lake will find its way to the sea. People of the Whanganui river say "Ko au te awa ko te awa ko au" (I am the river as the river is me). The proverbs and stories all suggest that we are inherently connected to our environment as it is to us. When we think of Tangiwai we think of the South, home.


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Weight 55.9 g
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 4 mm