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Tētē Kura- Rusty Frond

Kahurangi pounamu, NZ Nephrite.

We seldom find a stone like this, true pounamu. Three distinct colours washed into a simple design to allow space and light fill the void of empty space. The colours remind us of the fern leaves, the combination of life and death that inspired the saying ” Mate atu he tētē kura, ara mai he tētē kura- when a frond dies another will arise to take its place”. This proverb expresses a reciprocal need for information exchange between generations, an interdependence between what is past and what is present.


Already Ancient hand make all our products in Aotearoa NZ. No two stones are the same!





We love this stone for its red veins. We love this stone for its bright juicy green. We love this stone for the memory of ancient shapes it reveals. We began with the rough outer “skin” of the stone and took away just enough to show the true color inside. 

Nothing “too flashy”, just a chubby sample of nature’s magik, of our favourite pounamu with a whisper of ancient design carried through into the now.

Message- We walk the natural path, we find and acknowledge the heart of our ancestors hidden in plain sight. We are already ancient.

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Weight 54.3 g
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 7 mm