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Pōria Tangiwai

NZD $800

The Pōria was a ring used for holding a pet bird. Often this ring was seen with notched extensions that showed the artisan’s conscious thought to ornamentation, such thought not given today for the likes of the leads or chains we use.

This smoothly rounded pendant is carved from Tangiwai Pounamu (Chatoyant Bowenite Jade). Its colours shift without rest and can be seen even in a still photograph. Stones like this are a rare sight. Our tangiwai supply comes from old friends who gathered sparingly during the 80s and is very limited.

Already Ancient Aotearoa hand make all their carvings in Aotearoa NZ. No two carvings are the same!

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The regular design of the Pōria always reminded us of the sun and the notion of keeping a pet reminds me of care and affection. The marriage of the two concepts work to form a tangible memory of warm happiness kept in bonds of affection. An image of keeping the sun as a pet bird that sits close to the heart. This story sits well with the story of Tangiwai where Tama-ahua lost his wife. How do we keep those we love forever close?

The pictures shown on this stylised Pōria are reminiscent of the sun on wet sand. How it ripples and moves like the tides of the sea itself. A space to get lost in, fascination and adoration. The sky, the earth, the sea and us. We breath, we are as one in the sacred space of breath. Aroha atu, aroha mai.

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Weight 230 g
Dimensions 108 × 30 mm