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I haere mai koe ki te aha? “What do you offer?”

NZD $2,200


Pounamu/ Jade and Lightening Ridge Opal. 

The best of our stone has been given to this piece. The bright apple green Kahurangi which fades to a opaque white stone shows the stones’ progression from a light exterior and into the heart. Thoughtfully carved on both front and back. To complement this piece we have used Lightening Ridge Opal especially cut and cunningly inserted to fit. 

Already Ancient Aotearoa hand make all our products in Aotearoa NZ. No two pieces are the same!

This piece was made to remember the special gifts that people bring to eachother .

This tipuna (ancestor) is carrying something special that's not from here, it's not our knowledge, not our product. How does something new effect us? We walk a fine line between being ancestors and grandchildren. When in that space, it doesn't matter what "what you bring" looks like if it comes with love. 

When we were younger, our elders challenged us. “I haere mai koe ki te aha”? “ What did you come here to do?” Being young, we would answer “Help?” We remember them correcting us  “I haere mai koe ki te atua”. “You came to God”. What a funny thing for us of today to be told to say. The understanding is deep though. “Whatever we do, wherever we go, we go with the spirit before us”. “Ko te amorangi ki mua”. We reflect on Māui, Prometheus, Raven and Loki. Tricksters who were burned for their love of new knowledge but are remembered forever as heroes.Their intention was solid and though not understood at the time have lived forever.

You come to consciously contribute through shared participation. You come to connect. You come to be in the spirit of mutual benefit, like the exchange between the river and the tree, each contributing to the wellbeing of the other without expectation. We made this piece for you.

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Weight 31.6 g
Dimensions 88 × 18 × 10 mm