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He Roimata Miere- Tears of Honey-Dendritic Jade

NZD $600

This honey coloured stone reveals tree-like Dendrites when held to the light. Set off with a beautiful long six plait. Distinctly beautiful against the skin, this stylised roimata reflects milky blue.

Already Ancient Aotearoa hand make all our stones in Aotearoa NZ. No two products are the same!

How this stone transforms when held to the light amazes us. We consider The proverb " He kokonga whare ka kitea (the corners of a house maybe seen but not so the corners of one's heart).

The word roimata means teardrop. Often (in Te Ao Māori) the teardrop is associated with the albatross who was observed as having a permanent teardrop in her eye as she travels the broad ocean forever away from her home.

We were taught that in the world of stone carving the masculine energy is represented by the stone whilst the feminine energy is represented by the plait of fibre and so we enhance the simple yet stunning stone with a six plaited chord.

We reflect that in Te Ao Māori even the most fierce warrior was respected for shedding tears as was the albatross. We cherish the aroha (love) represented in the symbol of roimata.