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Hākuturi- Forest folk

NZD $1,000

Hākuturi were the guardians of the forest, remembered in stories of old and sought by few of this day. We remember our connection to the natural world

is the consistent truth. We search for our kindred spirits.

Created from an exceptional emerald green stone of AAA+ quality, this wee guardian is a highly personal gift that reminds us we have good friends that look out for us.


Already Ancient hand make all our stones in Aotearoa NZ. No two stones are the same!




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We made this piece for the old ones. The forest people. Those who stand small but staunch, those who do their work quietly.

These were the folk who make dead trees alive again, the folk who care and protect the vulnerable, the ones who remember truth. This is the story of Rātā

As we sat amongst the drift wood on the beach on Te Tai Poutini/ West Coast, we reflected on the journey of a tree. From its life, to its death and resurrection by parasitic plants and myscillia. We reflect on the fallen tree being washed out to sea and cleaned only to be returned again as a long log for the fire. As so is the path of the forest. A perpetual process of life and death and resurrection.

Rātā searches for his father's bones so that he can afford them the proper respect. He learns that the sea goblins have the bones in their village. He must build a canoe to get there. He goes into the forest, and fells a tree, and cuts off the top. His day's work over, he goes home, and returns the next morning. To his surprise he finds the tree standing upright and whole. Once again he cuts it down, but when he returns he finds the tree standing again. Rātā hides in the forest, and hears the voices of the multitude of the Hākuturi, who set to work to re-erect the tree, putting each chip into its proper place. He runs out and catches some of the Hākuturi, who tell him they re-erected the tree because he insulted Tāne the god of the forest, by not performing the correct rituals before felling the tree. Rātā is ashamed, and expresses regret. The Hākuturi then make him a canoe, completing the work in one night.

Despite how urgent we feel our cause is we remember others in our environment. The stories of old are still seen today, unfolding in the natural events that display natural "life intelligence". Perhaps nature is crying from our lack of connection to it. Perhaps you are one of its heroes in the small things you do.

We don't see much pounamu of this colour and we use it sparingly. Light moves within the Mantis green Nephrite Jade.

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Weight 33 g
Dimensions 65 × 20 × 16 mm