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Taierua- Two tides


Whale bone with Aotea eyes.

(registered baleen whale).

Tairua takes the form of a pekapeka (bat). It was said the pekapeka was sent here to watch over us in the dark hours and ensure that we remember to hold our integrity. We remember ourselves and are aware of our dual nature. We remember our shared stories and find our place as both the ancestor and grandchild of a rich legacy we call humanity. Carved on one side, the back is left “rough” showing saw marks and all the signs that human hands have made this special piece.

Already Ancient Aotearoa hand make all their stones in Aotearoa NZ. No two stones are the same!

This piece of bone was “fished up” from the Foveaux Strait off the coast of Ruapuke Island.

Ruapuke was (at the arrival of Europeans) the stronghold of the Kai Tahu and Kāti Māmoe people. There was a whaling station there and very quickly Māori women and Pākeha sailors found themselves becoming the ancestors of a shared legacy. A new people born of the old tides to the shores of new life ways. All of them scallywags, all of them noble.

We see patterns familiar with Celtic twists, we see the use of blue Aotea for eyes rather than the common pāua shell. A simple toggle of Pounamu completes the collection of Aotearoa NZ’s 3 most recognised taonga (treasured resources) as we celebrate being global people from indigenous unions. We direct our energies to our descendants and create an ever increasing world of possibility where one day we’ll all be connected.

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Weight 31.2 g
Dimensions 85 × 40 × 6 mm