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Hurihuri- Turn

NZD $950

Aotea- Fuchsite and Kyanite- Tai Poutini South Westland.

The colours of Earth, Sea and Sky swirling in infinite unison, divided yet whole in this beautiful round moebius reminiscent of the globe we call home. An AA quality stone seldom found with such a mix of green, blue and white.

Already Ancient Aotearoa hand make all their stones in Aotearoa NZ. No two stones are the same!



According to some whakapapa (Maori cosmology) the sky (Rangi) cohabited with the earth (Papa) who was already the wife of  Tangaroa the sea. She was seduced by the sky. They had a child whom they called Tāne nui-a-rangi, ‘Tāne-great of the heavens.’ The family thereupon decided that the sun should be allowed to shine through the armpit of the sky. ‘Tāne-great of the heavens’ said, ‘The light shines above.’ He then said, ‘Let us raise our father above and leave the female, Papa, as our parent to be below.’ The other gods joined in and said, ‘Raise him up, separate the two. Let the female be set apart, let the male be set apart so that we may prosper in the world.’  Hence, the sky stands above and the earth lies below. During this time there was great upset. It was when Rūaumoko the unborn god of tectonic activity produced forth the Aotea stone. Aotea's colours reflected  the unity of Earth, Sea and sky. Peace and calm returned to the time and space we recognise as the beginning, once called The Now.

The world just keeps spinning. It can become confusing and seem complicated. Step back and return to the breath. This is enough, to expand and contract as does the dance of space and time being present in self awareness. All the colours of Aotea swirling into the abyss of time and space. We are faced with infinite possibilities and paradoxical truths. The earth is a plane, the earth is a globe. Our focus is the deciding factor in a truth that is ours alone.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 5 mm