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Āio- Peace

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(video unavailable) A dramatic combination of sky blue and green is captured in this enticing piece of Aotea. Crisscross lightening patterns seem to divide this stone into fractals as they reveal more of themselves and the vibrant colour exposed towards the stone’s heart.


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Some say that there is a vibration that resonates within each of the Māori vowels. As we learnt the vibrations are the following.

A= The Mother energy of nurture and care

U= The fixing and embodiment of the spirit

E= The flight and movement of the spirit

I= The Child energy of instinct and unbroken authenticity

O= The Father energy of governance and guidance.

In this order we can see that the vowels of Te Reo Māori become a call to God to help us (Āue Io) ,within this understanding the word AIO (peace) becomes

Child sits between both mother and father.

Aio carries with it a harmonious space between the earth, sea and sky.