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Pōtiki- The youngest

NZD $1,900

The vibrant “Emerald” green of Pōtiki commands attention and reciprocates wonderment and delight. Great care and attention have been given to contrast the green Aotea with eyes of blue that challenge us to to look deeper and further into ourselves as we engage ourselves as both ancestor and descendant, true self and legend. Here, Pōtiki challenges us as he appears to be speaking or calling. He asks, “ What do you leave for me in order that I may remember you as you have remembered me”. 

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As described, Tiki has traditionally been associated with ancestors. Pōtiki plays on the name Tiki bringing the spirit forward in time to a place where Tiki is the youngest. Perhaps this Tiki represents our descendants.

 What if we carried our futures before us rather than our past? What if we walked with our hopes and aspirations carried on our hearts rather than histories and static dogma? We believe we would be elevated. We believe the path towards maturity is that of parenthood and grandparenthood. The custodianship of that we hope is better.

Message- Our future is shouting out to us. Wake up and take the mantle. For you are my hope, you are my beginning. We turn to you to guide and nourish our spirit for this day is the vehicle that drives tomorrow and you are the driver.

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Weight 30.3 g
Dimensions 65 × 40 × 5 mm