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Tiki Tea- Pale Tiki

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Tiki Tea (pronounced Tick E Tear) is carved from a highly translucent apple green stone which turns pale white. This stone is of exceptional quality New Zealand Nephrite. The rusty red veins create an amazing contrast of three distinct colours. Weighty and robust, we offer our representation of Tiki.

Already Ancient Aotearoa hand make all their stones in Aotearoa NZ. No two stones are the same!

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Kahurangi Pounamu, Nephrite


Tiki is said to be the first eponymous human ancestor to the people of Polynesia.

The word "tea" means "white, light, clear". We hear this word in the names "Aotearoa and Aotea".

In Aotearoa New Zealand, the Hei Tiki (Tiki necklace) is a symbol of aristocratic lineage. It is understood that the Tiki represents a perfect harmony between the divine masculine and divine feminine. We see the union when we perceive two half faces joining in hongi (touching of noses) to greet and acknowledge a peer.

It’s value lies deeper than it’s appearance.

It has been suggested that Tiki was a secondary idea (as was all ornamentation) of Pounamu. The original primary function of Pounamu was to make tools such as toki (adze). When the toki broke, its prestige was acknowledged. The houses and boats that may have been created by the the toki were mentioned in the broken tool as it was re-worked to fashion a Tiki with inherent mana. This Tiki was baptised and given a name. It then became a valuable heirloom. 

Tiki Tea is carved from a highly translucent leaf green stone which becomes pale white towards the top. This stone is of exceptional quality New Zealand Nephrite. When held to the light, even the white  shines with the green of sun through a leaf. 

Tiki-tea is a play on words, when re-phrase we almost hear the words Te kitea (that which has been seen). The upoko hapa or tilted head shows interest and perception (much the same as we would say “rubber neck”). The round belly showing satisfaction and contentment. The square body reminiscent of the original toki form. Hands rested as he reflects on his observations.

Message: I am solid in my stance and choose what I engage in.

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Weight 74.5 g
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 10 mm