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Ngāwari- Easy

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NZD $700

Mobius- cool blue

Aotea-kyanite, fushite and quartz.

This mobius is a statement that proclaims one’s comfort sitting in a universe of infinite complexity. I am a part of the infinite. I am is that which I am. I am soft and in a state of comfortable flow.

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The moebius is essentially a loop that has been given a twist. It may be recognised by mystics as the image of a snake eating its tail. The symbol of infinity. The shape of the triangle is associated by some as the shape of power, the pyramid. The colour and feel, soft and cool, unpretentious yet intriguing in its complexity reminding us of being kids again on a trip to the beach.

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Weight 17.7 g
Dimensions 40 × 43 × 4 mm