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Ngātahi-A Joint Effort

NZD $1,600

Special introductory offer!

Already Ancient Aotearoa want somebody to have this highly unique piece of jewellery. Natural pure Silver with Sterling silver designer chain. This piece of black Aotea has been carved into two rings in an exploration of conceptual design.

Already Ancient Aotearoa hand make all their products in NZ.

No two pieces are the same!


Black Aotea joint rings, silver chain, plaiting and filigree.

This unique necklace is an experimental development of past work. As creators of fine carvings we thought about learning the art of silversmithing. To be honest, we have a long way to go but we were lucky our teachers didn't let us down. Their ability to almost plait the silver onto the stone was amazing and have inspired us to keep searching for new ways to build on old practices. This piece is based on our joint rings series and portrays joint leaves holding each other in mutual support.  The risk of breaking what was already hours of work was nerve racking but rewarding. We just love pushing it to the limit as we explore new ideas in a space of infinite potential.