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Rā ngā whetū-I’m seeing stars

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NZD $1,400

Blue opalized petrified wood from Sukabumi Indonesia.

Two people join in ceremony. One is marked by the turtle, one by the sun. The turtle represents the moon and it’s count of 13 months. The sun represents the power of infinity. The two become an illustration of the dual nature of life as they join to create a star in the space between them. Day and night, under and over, sea, sky and land, body, mind and soul.

Already Ancient Aotearoa hand make all our products in Aotearoa NZ. No two pieces are the same!


 The practice of ceremony seems all but forgotten. Our need to create space for each other seems to be increasingly overlooked and we enter the digital world of online social interaction. We shrug off the desire to conveniently interact through any form other than in the spirit of sharing. We use our minds, our hearts, our ears, eyes, mouths and hands as we commune with each other in the holy spirit known as love. 

Blue opalized wood is an amazing stone showing an unusual range of colour and light. This gem quality stone has been left free of a high gloss finish in order to show the human touch. This Blue Opal comes from Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. It is found as giant logs, petrified and mineralized leaving bright colours where organic matter once was.

 We support you to go inside and seek your truth.  

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Weight 27.8 g
Dimensions 55 × 49 × 5 mm