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The stranger-Tauhou

NZD $1,500


The ancestors observe from afar. Still creating, projecting, offering or taking. In that space they belong to us all and we to them. When we explore concepts of identity we seek transparency and integrity as markers of quality. We do the same with stone.

This highly detailed pendant is carved from Kahurangi Pounamu.

Already Ancient Aotearoa hand make all our products in Aotearoa NZ. No two carvings are the same!


Marked with lore and sacred passage into times both forgotten and anticipated by us in the present our ancestors wait. They do, as we will learn to do, belong to a state of being both the ancestor and descendant whilst able to identify as the self. The creator and the product, the infinite potential of self.

Emerald green, flawless nephrite of the highest quality, has been left to allow light and darkness to move through a sharing of space and time. So spoken, new perspective reverses our idea that the body creates the form and we begin to understand that the value of a substance is measured by what has been taken away. Who we are lays in the spaces between our history and our potential.

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Weight 23 g
Dimensions 108 × 30 × 10 mm